As a result of the decline in the newspaper industry, QUIPP systems no longer builds new stackers.  The focus has shifted to parts, service, and software.

Back in 2008 QUIPP was purchased by ITW and placed under its Signode division.  QUIPP stacker manufacturing,  service and parts were placed under direct control of Signode whereas the software side of the business was placed under Kiwiplan, a subdivision of Signode with a focus on software development - primarily for the corrugated industry.

In 2018 Signode was acquired by Crown Holdings.  It was about this time that the manufactring of new stackers was stopped.

In 2022, to support a further separation of the parts and software divisions, the QUIPP name has been dropped from the software side of the business. The team members from both the software and parts/service teams remain in place.

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